Easily? Not quite.

No. Difficultly. You might've noticed that we've removed domain registrar Easily from our recommended service provider page.

Been using them for many years without problem, however in February they performed an 'upgrade' - Which seems to actually be a euphemism for a transfer to outsourced services. Upshot was that the email for all but one of the domains we have registered with them went down. Worse, one domain disappeared from the control panel completely. We're still trying to get this one sorted out. 

Sorry, be no way can we recommend a service that expects its customers to do its software testing debugging for them. We shall see if they can fix this in due course, if not we'll be looking at transferring our domains out.

Update: The phone rings engaged right throughout the day, but I discovered that it's possible to get an answer after hours. So, after three calls, still no resolution to the domain that doesn't show in the control panel. One of the support operators actually told me to hang up and call my ISP about it instead. On the third call, the operative finally acknowledged that the email I'd sent two days ago had been received.

This is by far the worst service I've ever seen from any domain registrar. As I put it to them, they've replaced a system that worked flawlessly with one which does not. A scenario all too common in IT. Why, can't they test these new systems more thoroughly before deploying them?

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