If there's NO safe fracking.. then Greens, why the hell are YOU doing it?  Frack as we tell you to..

Not as we do!

News reports indicate that a 2017 earthquake in South Korea was caused by hydraulic fracturing work.


We all know of the high intensity campaign mounted against fracking by the Greens, and that in Scotland the process has been banned. Well, sort of banned. 

Thing is, the fracking in South Korea wasn't for shale gas, or indeed for any type of fossil fuel. It was for renewables, in the shape of geothermal energy. The process is in fact more or less identical to that used for shale gas extraction, and carries similar risks.

What makes this even more of a concern is that there are plans to frack for geothermal energy in Scotland, in spite of the ban on fracking.  Yes, that's what I said. Some of them are in built-up areas.

Now, I know that renewables are essential if we are to save the planet, therefore any minor inconvenience caused, like buildings falling down, has to be accepted as part of the pipe -er plan to transition to 100% renewable energy.

However, this does seem a little like crass hypocrisy.

OK, a lot like it.

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