Site overhaul

Well, it's been a lot longer than we'd intended, but the new theme is live, and yes it does feature a massive banner. Only on the home page though, you may be relieved to hear. For the moment we've decided on a very clean and simple presentation on subpages, with only the essential graphics. It's a responsive design, so basically it's up-to you to adjust the width of your browser window for a comfortable reading space.

New featues include a blog section. Most of the old content has been pulled off, after all it was getting a bit dated and I'm too busy with other projects to keep updating it all. All of our free software is of course still here. What I would like to do on this new site is to include a lot more IT-related journalism and reporting, and maybe get some reader feedback going on this. Our commenting system is Disqus, which I think most people will be happy with.

Recent changes


Harvesting Checker

Have updated our email address-harvesting checker, with a few improvements including better https compatibility. If you're suffering from an excessive amount of spam then this may be of help in finding out where spammers are getting hold of your email address from.

Relocation of Downloads

The software downloads are now here, instead of on Sourceforge. We have yet to decide whether to stay with this arrangement from now on, or to go back to hosting on Sourceforge once the problems they're having are sorted out. We shall see. The temporary download arrangement is admittedly a bit crude, and if we continue with hosting here we'll probably put up something that gives SHA-256 checksums, virus scan reports, etc to give confidence that the files haven't been altered from the originals.

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