Project Funding

With the amount of work involved in keeping our software projects up to date always on the increase, we've decided to ask users to contribute to their funding. Bear in mind this is a request - The software remains free to use.

Most people who buy goods online will be familiar with PayPal. In many ways it's a more secure way to send money than a direct credit card transaction, since it's you who determines the amount to send, and it's strictly a one-off payment unless you specify otherwise. Currency conversions are also handled, making it ideal for international trade.

Don't worry if you have never joined PayPal, since you can make one-off payments using a credit or debit card as the source, even without signing up to the service. 

Since there have recently been some issues with other merchants adding purchasers' PayPal addresses to spam lists, let us reassure you that your email address will not be added to any mailing lists. We may send a confirmation message. That is all.